3D Wooden Royal clock
  • 3D Wooden Royal clock
  • 3D Wooden Royal clock
  • 3D Wooden Royal clock
  • 3D Wooden Royal clock
  • 3D Wooden Royal clock

3D Wooden Royal clock


  • - Brand: WOODEN CITY
  • - Product Code: WC_WR314_RC
  • - Availability: 50


"• Our Royal Clock is a 3D wooden puzzle of advanced complexity. This is an uncommonly beautiful Rococo-style clock model, refined, delicate, and with fancy interlaced details carved into it. Its lines are elegant and refined. Perhaps under such a clock lovers embraced during a carnival in the royal palace. It has two dials: a small one with an hour hand at the top and a large one with a minute hand in the middle of the model.

• The passage of time depends on the number of coins that you put in the special cage that serves as the bob of the pendulum. Because extra weight changes the pendulum’s centre of gravity and the amount of friction acting on it, the more coins you insert, the longer will be its period (and slower its operation). You can wind up your fabulous clock by pulling the winding chain down, just like you would with a real cuckoo clock. The ticking will be heard in the room for 12 hours.

• The Royal Clock is a specially assembled masterpiece designed for connoisseurs and decorated with thin, intricate patterns that are combined in accordance with exact calculations governing the mechanics of its parts.

• Made in Poland, Truly it would make a royal gift for your family and friends for occasions of birthday, Christmas, farewell or keepsakes.


• Product dimensions: 135 x 600 x 64 mm  

• Package size: 355 × 240 × 40 mm

• Package weight: 1 kg

• Made in Poland.

• Material: environmentally friendly birch plywood;

• Assembly is carried out without glue

• Number of details: 156

• Assembly time: 5 hours 

• Recommended for the children aged 14 years and above;"


"• Is there a greater magic than to assemble a fairytale clock with your own hands, set it going and listen to the ticktack of seconds that run away fast? “Royal CLOCK” is not just another 3D puzzle, it is “alive”. You see the mechanism as it moves.

• The march of time can be made faster or slower with the coins put inside the pendulum. This is a mathematical game: the weight and the number of coins predetermine the operation of the mechanism. 

• Royal CLOCK a 3D puzzle from WOODEN CITY, consists of two faces (hours and minutes), clockwork mechanism and pendulum. 

• Royal CLOCK from WOODEN CITY, although exquisite and exotic, will be in perfect harmony with the interior of your house adding a touch of inimitable chic.

• Mechanical clock with its artistic wood carving will be a unique gift for your nearest and dearest and more than just ordinary experience for yourself.

• This is a DIY project. Amazing Gift these to Loved ones for Keepsakes, Farewell or on Birthdays."

Shipping Time Regular (3-5 Days)
Color wooden color

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